customer network connectionOur company's history began back in 1993. The aim was to gradually create an integrated monitoring and processing unit of the current Media. This was a pure challenge for that time. With thousands of newspapers and magazines in circulation, with the rapid development of internet as a massive mean of transmitting information and with private broadcasters to operate continuously new channels -nationwide and local, the role of a company that could control this difficult context was very important.

We adapted to all the changes (new Media releases, creation of numerous news websites) and took advantage of the growing know-how to create a high level but easy-to-navigate electronic Media monitoring platform, which can be used by thousands of subscribers at the same time.

Countless pages of printed material, infinite bytes with information on the Internet, as well as dozens of TV and radio channels are being "scanned" daily, in order to collect and send the news to the recipients of Media monitoring.

Over 27 years ago, "Enimerosi" was just starting a project. It is now recognized nationwide as a company monitoring all Media, offering high quality services with speed, consistency and respect to the subscriber. A staff of more than 30 people, including experienced journalists, skilled technicians and competent professionals who know very well the art of communication, guarantee the effort for continuous improvement of services at all levels.

That is why we continue to evolve with new services, refreshed look and useful tools, in order to fulfil your needs.

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