Monitoring all Media with the help of Enimerosi you get all the information you need at a glance. Being a Public Relations Manager or a Communications Professional you can benefit from our services covering print, television, radio, web and Social Media. The monitoring is adjusted each time exactly to your goals.


Based on your specific needs, Enimerosi evaluates the results of monitoring using quantitative and qualitative analysis. In a comprehensive summary you receive the overall view of your presence in the Media, in order to manage easily and effectively your next moves.


The daily news search service provides all the information you might want to know from very early in the morning. Delivered on time to the recipients, with clean and professional style. Stop being lost among headlines. Read only what is really worth and form your opinion.

Time for Analysis

The analysis you need!

news reporting

The data are not presented in predefined forms, common for everyone. Each element is weighted, evaluated and used according to your needs. We only export results tailored to providing a clear picture and to searching individually your queries.

The tools of analysis are the most powerful means of action, where appropriate. Taking all aspects under consideration, you actually collect additional supplies to handle each case. But the most important is that you get alternative strategies, which with a different apply can lead you to the desired result.

Very often the analysis data indicate a need for immediate intervention. It is therefore valuable to have guidance and orientation, in order to select each time the most effective methods and the most relevant tools. Our proposals are an ally to your difficult decisions.

We set a solid foundation for all future strategic choices of the Communications or Public Relations Department. The aim is to minimize the uncertainty of your decisions and with the confidence of knowledge to feel that every next step has all the prerequisites to succeed.

clockMonitoring that awaits you and is not awaited!


Key Offerings

Full coverage

We are constantly looking and incorporating new information sources to our monitoring lists.

Immediate information
Ease of use
Continuous support
Research and development

Our History

"Enimerosi" was established in June 1993 by a team of young people who are directly related to journalism and with a unique attachment to newspapers, magazines and every new Mass Media. Our goal is always to offer the best possible result in a constantly changing frame, which requires passion and strong will for continuous development.

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